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The Master Plan follows a prescribed process as outlined by the FAA and TxDOT. The study is comprised of three phases, each consisting of crucial elements that provide the foundation and justification for future development at the airport. Each of the elements builds on the ones before it, with draft materials developed throughout the process. At the conclusion of each phase, the planning team will meet with the advisory committee to discuss the study’s findings and seek feed-back. Community involvement is another critical component of the Master Plan, and public information workshops and other outreach efforts will ensure members of the community have access to the study materials and are able to provide comment. Once the Master Plan is approved by the City of Cleburne and TxDOT, the final result will be a realistic, comprehensive plan that will be used as a guide for future airport development over the next 20 years.

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Kickoff PAC Meeting
Time TBA

PAC and Public Meetings
March 10, 2022

PAC and Public Meetings
June 29, 2022

PAC and Public Meetings
November 7, 2022

Final Presentations
Airport Advisory Board: Dec. 12, 2022
City Council: Dec. 13, 2022