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CPT Terminal NICE


An introduction to the airport and its role in the community, and the master plan process, goals, and objectives.

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Chapter One - Inventory

The collection of information pertaining directly to or influencing the airport and the area it serves. The information summarized in this chapter will be used in subsequent analyses within this study

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Chapter Two - Forecasts

The forecasting effort assesses the magnitude of future demand as it relates to future airport requirements. Among the categories being evaluated are based and aircraft fleet mix and annual operations.

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Chapter Three - Facility Requirements

The primary objective of this effort is to prepare a facility needs assessment to meet present and future aviation demand. The key components for evaluation will be runway, taxiway, and landside area capacities.

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Chapter Four - Alternatives

A series of airside and landside development alternatives are developed following the facility needs evaluation to address long-term needs of general aviation.


Chapter Five - Recommended Master Plan Concept

Following a review of potential airside and landside development alternatives, a detailed comparative evaluation will be developed to achieve a preferred development concept for the airport.

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Chapter Six - Capital Financial Plan

A development plan is outlined to fund the short-, intermediate-, and long-term projects insuring the recommended plan can be implemented.


Appendix A: Glossary of Terms

Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms of common terms used in the aviation industry and airport planning.

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Appendix B: Forecast Approval Letter

The FAA’s official letter approving the forecasts that will be used as the basis for the remainder of the master plan.


Appendix C: Airport Layout Plans

A set of technical drawings depicting the current and future airport conditions. An FAA approved ALP set is required for proposed improvements to be eligible for federal and state funding.